Christmas Cheer 2019

Here is a set of six random tastings from the lead-up to Christmas 2010.

The offerings are:

    • Cardrona “Just Hatched” Pinot Noir matured,
    • Glenallachie 12yo PX “Sherrywood finish”,
    • Glendalough Irish Whiskey
    • Stoke IPA whisky, and
    • two from Ireland’s West Cork.

So, without further ado, let’s start tasting.

Stoke IPA Whisky

59% abv, matured in a Pinot Noir cask, from McCashins Brewery in Stoke, Nelson, NZ.

Appearance:  Colour 0.8.  A nice, rugged, squared-off, dark bottle.
Nose: berry fruit, wine cask, and sour washing.
Palette: Smooth, strong, soft honey note, mouth-filling, with a bit of a beer note.  Yummy!
Finish: Short, with the beer note remaining.
Comment: I talk about the beer note, but I was given this dram as a totally blind tasting.  I had no hint at about its background other than it was cask strength, one of only 800 bottles produced and cost NZ$80.

Which was no help at all, really!

And my tasting notes were all written before I knew anything more about the whisky.

It was very hard to pick this whisky’s antecedents from the information I was given.  But once you find out it’s distilled IPA beer everything becomes very clear!  The sour washing note on the nose is hops.

Score: 8.7
I want one, and now I have one!

With only a little bit of gloating, the rest of you will have to wait until the next batch.  If there is one!

Cardrona “Just Hatched” series, Pinot Noir

65.8% abv.  3yo.  Colour 1.3

Matured in pinot noir barrel #283, sourced from the Mount Difficulty vineyard.

Nose: furniture polish with vanilla, golden syrup, salt on sea rocks, parsley.
Palette: Massive spice burst, more parsley, a heat hit and slightly sour (from the wine barrel).
Finish: Medium-long, with a faint vegetal silver beet note.
Comment: The whisky is not as instantly attractive as the first Just Hatched sherry & bourbon versions released in December last year.  The high alcohol content may be masking some of the subtlety of the wine maturation.

Although I’ve marked the Cardrona high, it is a bit disappointing against my expectation for it.

Score: 8.4

Let it get some air – it can make a world of difference


Cardrona – The Second Cut

Now, here is an interesting thing.  At a tasting event recently it was mentioned that the second pouring from a bottle is sometimes better than the first.

The theory goes that opening a new bottle, taking a dram or two off the top and putting the cork back has let some air into the mix – sort of like letting wine breathe.

The dram you next pour from the bottle can taste very different to the first one.

A week or so after I did my fist tasting some friends came around for a dram.  I pulled out the Cardrona to give everyone a sample.

This second taste was a lot better than my first try.

Below are my revised notes, made from the second tasting.

Nose: vinous, the aroma of a newly opened packet of cigarettes, a dark nose, and no high alcohol prickle.
Palette: sweet, soft then heat, waxy, raw peas from the pod.
Finish: medium.
Comment:  I am delighted to revise my first view, and to have this second cut erase my first disappointment.  This is a very nice dram indeed, quite in keeping with Cardrona’s other outputs.
Score:  8.9

Glenallachie 12 yo

48% abv, Pedro Ximenes, Sherrywood finish.

Appearance: Colour 1.2 (mahogany).
Nose: sellotape, parsley, grass mown for silage.  No PX nose discernible at all.
Palette: no PX taste, non-descript.
Finish: short and abbreviated, nothing remains.
Comment: drinkable but disappointing.

As I have mused about before, when I see the phrase “finished in…” I wonder just how long “finished” means.  In the case of this Glenallachie, I suspect that it may not be long and that the wording on the bottle is critical to the outcome.

If you’re expecting any kind of a sherry hit, you won’t find it here!

Score: 7.2

Glendaloch Single cash Irish Whiskey

42% abv.  Grand Cru Burgundy cask finish.

Appearance: hangs on to the glass.
Nose: sea shore, grassy, slightly perfume-y, old pipe tobacco
Palette: quiet, slight sour, smooth
Finish: short/medium, with a low late heat.
Score: 7.2

West Cork, Single Malt Irish Whiskey. 12 yo, 43% abv, Sherry Cask (PX) for 110 days

Appearance: Colour 0.8.  The liquid is viscous and hangs onto the side of the glass like a monkey to a palm tree.
Nose: slight floral, crepe bandages and grapefruit peel.
Palette: mandarins, citrus peel and dark chocolate truffles.
Finish: marmalade.  Medium-long
Comment: The marmalade is high.  In my view it’s not a really typical PX, but the influence is definitely there.  The 110 days in PX may be the first indication of truth in advertising for “finished in …. “!
Score: 8.5

West Cork 12yo
West Cork, Blended Irish Whiskey, Cask Strength, 62% abv

Irish Whiskey, blended from Grain and Malt Irish Whiskies.  Blended into Bourbon barrels.

Appearance: thinner than the single malt, probably from the grain component.
Nose: floral (blossom), perfumed, sour/green citrus – grapefruit and /limes.  New, machined wood.
Palette: a bit fizzy on the tongue, slightly oily, hot chilli and grapefruit.  A big mouth & warming.
Finish: Medium/long and warm., but with no distinctive flavour.
Comment: very drinkable.


So that’s it for the 2019 scribblings.

I am continually delighted, impressed and thankful for the companionship that the world of whisky and whisky tasting has brought me.

My great thanks to all those friends who have contributed words, thoughts, and whiskies to this site.

I wish you all a safe & merry Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you all back in 2020!



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