This is a selection of photos from around Scotland, particularly the Island of Islay.

I’ve also thrown i some other bits, just for interest’s sake.

Islay sunset, from the Bowmore Hotel.

This was after 10pm on an early June evening.  Just over those hills is Newfoundland!

Edinburgh Chimney pots.
The Laphroaig stills.
Port Ellen, Isle of Islay
A Campinologist’s delight? A private collection of Bells.
On Islay. Both the time and the temperature are genuine!
Inside the Round Church, Bowmore, Island if Islay.
We really did not expect to see beaches like this in Islay. On the road from Bowmore to Bruichladdich.
Across the road from the Jura distillery.
The final approaches to Bunnahabhain distillery – a gorgeous place, even without the whisky!
Pouring a dram at Laphroaig.
The bar at the Bowmore Hotel. Slante
A Jura doer-upper.
One of these (the one on the right) went missing after the Glasgow .Commonwealth Games.
Islay beach sheep.
Charles Remy McIntosh staircase from below, Glasgow.
This would add an interesting taste to the whisky! Outside Laphroaig distillery.
Caption Competition.

There are no prizes, I just want to see some funnier captions than I can think of for the pictures below.!

Glasgow road sign.  The square wheels would make the bike easier to park.
Probably one of the scarier pieces of advertising I’ve seen. Makes you want to read the ingredient list VERY carefully!.
In an Edinburgh street.

I really want to know the back story here!  Some theories:

a) the owner wanted to make sure his new front rim was not going to be stolen while he was in the pub,

b) he’d parked a whole bike here and this is what he came out of the pub to find, or

c) after coming out of the pub he couldn’t remember the combination number to the lock so he just took what he could carry.  He’ll come back for the rest when his mind clears.