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Bits and Bobs

Goodbye to 2022, Welcome 2023!

Dr Stopher's Multifunctional Madness

Whisky Wednesdays at Hare and Copper

Autumn 2022 Tastings - the Good, the Bad and the Unusual

Four more tastings and some internet browsing

It's Just Like A Heavy Cold, They Said

Matt's Blended Tasting

Six Peated Ardmores

We write these pages for you with three goals in mind - to reflect on whiskies we have experienced, to (hopefully) educate on whisky-related matters, and just to have some fun! Please enjoy.


Bits and Bobs

We have a round-up of Bits and Pieces for you. We start off with the Rantandwhisky Tasting journal, now back in limited stock ready for Dramfest. There’s a whisky (Glayva) sauce recipe to brighten up your eating, some tasting notes from Pat, and a bit of a laugh to finish. RantandWhisky Tasting Journal With Dramfest …

Dr Stopher’s Multi-functional Madness

Some tastings require fanfare and commendation. Others slide on by. Ian Stopher’s tastings require fanfare and commendation.  His Multifunctional Madness tasting definitely requires them. The reason participants love Ian’s tastings is because of a lot of factors.  The offering, the whiskies, and the bonhomie – but most especially for the breadth, width and depth of …