Welcome to Rant And Whisky

And welcome to my ten cents’ worth.

My name is John, and this blog site is my tiny contribution to the massive encyclopaedia of knowledge that is the Internet.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand, the most beautiful city in the most beautiful country in the world.

Wellington Harbour

Hills clad in houses and native bush surrounding a large harbour playground and port.  The water space is occupied by yachts, ferries, container and cruise ships. And the occasional dolphin or whale.

Roads zigzag up the hills to end in vantage points that look out over the water, and every turn of every road presents a new and exciting vista.

I love writing.  Possibly unfortunately, I was brought up in a family where the ability to make the most dire puns was regarded as the pinnacle of success.  As a result, from an early age I came to love words, their use and misuse.

I’m glad you got here to my site.  Some of you may have arrived courtesy of my shameless self-promotion – thank you for being brave!

And if you arrived here by accident or search engine, I hope you stay and enjoy the bits and pieces you find.

I write about things I know a bit about.  I write about things I’m learning about (single malt whisky and its environment).  I write about things I know quite a bit about (life, families and relationships), and I write about things I love (families again, travel, cars, more whisky).  But to be honest, I’m not quite sure yet what you’ll find – this blogging thing is a new experience for me.  I suspect that the writings will be a stream of consciousness (possibly unconsciousness, too) until it maybe finds a pattern.

Or not.

Either way, I hope you get something from it.  Something that will make you smile, something that will make you remember, something that will give you pause for thought.

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