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Dramfest 2023 Review - Chapter 2 - The Adventures of Pat

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Bits and Bobs

Goodbye to 2022, Welcome 2023!

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Autumn 2022 Tastings - the Good, the Bad and the Unusual

Four more tastings and some internet browsing

It's Just Like A Heavy Cold, They Said

We write these pages for you with three goals in mind - to reflect on whiskies we have experienced, to (hopefully) educate on whisky-related matters, and just to have some fun! Please enjoy.


Bits and Bobs

We have a round-up of Bits and Pieces for you. We start off with the Rantandwhisky Tasting journal, now back in limited stock ready for Dramfest. There’s a whisky (Glayva) sauce recipe to brighten up your eating, some tasting notes from Pat, and a bit of a laugh to finish. RantandWhisky Tasting Journal With Dramfest …